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When you need a Safe for your business or home, it’s good to do a little research first. We are a local Lexington, Kentucky Safe Company. Give us a call and we can talk through the various options. We can also outline some of the “hidden” costs you may not realize. For instance, shipping. Safes, by design, are heavy. This leads to hefty shipping charges. Also, Safes aren’t always kept in stock. This means that you may need to wait weeks to get your safe deliverd to your Kentucky Location. We can help with both those problems. We offer a wide variety of Lexington safes. This means we can show you a many types of safes so you can choose the one right for your needs. We can deliver and install your safe in Kentucky quickly, sometimes in mere days. Since we procure the safes locally, we can save you a bundle on shipping. We’ll also install your new safe for a modest installation fee.

Kentucky Safe Experts!

We can help you choose and install any of the following:

  • House Safe
  • Business Safe
  • Gun Safe
  • Wall Safe
  • Floor Safe
  • Hidden Safe
  • Jewelry Safe
  • Drop Safe
  • And More…

Whether you are in Lexington, Nicholasville, Richmond, Versailles, Georgetown or other parts of Kentucky, we offer local sales and service of high quality safes. You can browse for the right one and we’ll sell, deliver and install.

So, let us help you with your research. Search around online. When you’ve decided on make and model, let us bid. We are sure you’ll find we can get it to you quicker and at a lower total cost. Be sure to include shipping in your calculation. It can be expensive. That’s why we stock safes locally. We save you the shipping charge and can get it you quicker. Plus, we can install it. On your schedule.

In the end, you will get what you need, save some money, save time, and ensure that your new safe is installed properly for maximum security. After all, that’s why your buying a safe in the first place!

Let us show you why we are the best safe company in Lexington – Contact us now!

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